Recent Adoptions

We are so proud to have helped so many families achieve their dreams of parenthood.

Congratulations to these new parents on their recent adoption.

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Placed in 6 Months

Sweet Neal James is so adorable, and Andrew and Alexandra are overjoyed to be his parents. Neal is everything they’ve ever wanted. They developed such a wonderful bond with his birthmother and hope their son shows the same perseverance and bravery in life as his birthmother showed

Congratulations Andrew & Alexandra

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Placed in 14 Months

Cory and Anthony are overjoyed to be the dads of beautiful Charlotte Ann. Her birthmother has given them a priceless gift out of selflessness and a generous heart. They hope their daughter will grow up with the same strengths as her mother.

Congratulations Cory & Anthony


Placed in 12 Months

Indiia and Fujio are the proud parents of a beautiful baby girl, Cora Sage. Cora’s smiles light up the room, and they love every minute they spend with her. Indiia and Fujio have so much respect for Cora’s birthmother’s decision to give her daughter the best life possible.

Congratulations Indiia & Fujio


Placed in 24 Months

Nicole and Rosa are overwhelmed with love for their baby boy, Josue Wayne. He is the sweetest baby they’ve ever seen. They always knew their baby was out there, and they are so thankful for Josue’s birthmother, who selflessly gave them this precious gift.

Congratulations Nicole & Rosa


Placed in 14 Months

Although their adoption journey came up against some rough times, Mallory and Parris soon found the path that led to their precious baby boy, Maverick Kai. Maverick has exceeded every dream they had of parenthood. They will always be grateful that his birthmother put his needs above her own and placed him in their home and family.

Congratulations Mallory & Parris


Placed in 24 Months

Leanna and Cara have a double blessing and are the proud moms of two sweet baby girls, Jaylee and Kehlani. These precious girls have the most beautiful smiles, and their moms are overflowing with love for them. Their birthparents will always have a special place in their hearts

Congratulations Leanna & Cara

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Placed in 12 Months

Sweet James has stolen the hearts of John and Ashley. They are overwhelmed with love for this special baby boy and are excited to see what all the days ahead as a family bring. What a special woman their baby boy’s birthmother is! They can never thank her enough.

Congratulations John & Ashley

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Placed in 15 Months

Although there were some losses and disappointments on the journey, Ray and Luis found their way to their adorable baby boy, Jackson. He is such a precious little guy, and Ray and Luis are in awe of every one of his smiles. Jackson’s birthmother will always have their thanks and admiration for her selfless choice.

Congratulations Ray & Luis


Placed in 14 Months

Cassie and Tim are overjoyed to add to their family with beautiful Sophia Ellison. She is perfect in every way and has already brought them so much joy. They will never forget the sacrifice Sophia’s birthmother so selflessly made and can never thank her enough.

Congratulations Cassie & Tim



Placed in 22 Months

Nikki and Maddie are so in love with their precious baby girl, Banksy Jane. Banksy is a beautiful and amazing gift. Nikki and Maddie have developed a wonderful relationship with their daughter’s birthmother and hope to continue this as Banksy grows.

Congratulations Nikki & Maddie

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Placed in 21 Months

Phillip and Danny have been blessed with a beautiful baby girl, Eden Louise. She has lit up every corner of their lives, and they are overcome with joy and gratitude for Eden Louise’s birthmother’s selfless gift. They know their perfect family would not be possible without her selflessness.

Congratulations Phillip & Danny

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Placed in 10 Months

Beautiful Addison Elizabeth has filled the hole in Max and Jeremy’s hearts, and these two new dads are over the moon with excitement. Addison is a priceless gift, and they will never be able to thank her birthmother enough for fulfilling their dreams.

Congratulations Bree & John

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Placed in 8 Months

Six expectant mothers in just eight months led Kimberly and Huey to their precious baby girl, Kenedi Michele. Her smiles light up the room, and they are overjoyed to be parents to this adorable baby. Kimberly and Huey are so thankful to Kenedi’s birthmother for creating their family through her selflessness and bravery.

Congratulations Kimberly & Huey

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Placed in 14 Months

Ryan and Daniel have grown their family by one with the addition of handsome little Cooper. They are thrilled to be dads and even more thrilled that they get to be dads to Cooper. He is such a precious little boy and a selfless gift given by his caring and brave birthmother.

Congratulations Ryan & Daniel

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Placed in 24 Months

Although the journey sometimes seemed long, Carlos and Eugenia trusted that their baby was out there somewhere. They finally have their precious baby boy, Christopher Antonio, and are completely in love. Everything about him makes them smile. We at LifeLong are celebrating with them!

Congratulations Carlos & Eugenia