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Placed in 24 Months

Nicole and Rosa are overwhelmed with love for their baby boy, Josue Wayne. He is the sweetest baby they’ve ever seen. They always knew their baby was out there, and they are so thankful for Josue’s birthmother, who selflessly gave them this precious gift.

Congratulations Nicole & Rosa


Placed in 14 Months

Although their adoption journey came up against some rough times, Mallory and Parris soon found the path that led to their precious baby boy, Maverick Kai. Maverick has exceeded every dream they had of parenthood. They will always be grateful that his birthmother put his needs above her own and placed him in their home and family.

Congratulations Mallory & Parris


Placed in 24 Months

Leanna and Cara have a double blessing and are the proud moms of two sweet baby girls, Jaylee and Kehlani. These precious girls have the most beautiful smiles, and their moms are overflowing with love for them. Their birthparents will always have a special place in their hearts

Congratulations Leanna & Cara

LifeLong was thrilled to host our very first LifeLong Family Reunion!

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how to adopt a child


how to adopt a child


how to adopt a child



Since we only work with a limited number of couples at a time, not everyone is accepted into our program and we believe you should not have to pay for us to review your application.

Specializing in Domestic Newborn Adoptions for the LGBT Community - Adopt A Child

Thank you for reaching out to Child Adoptions for your LGBT adoption needs. As a premier adoption service, we strive to provide our prospective adoptive parents with care, support and understanding. With a staff that has over 20 years of experience, and a personal connection to the miracle of adoption, we guide both adoptive parents and birthparents through the adoption process with sensitivity and reliability.

As a prospective adoptive parent, you are aware that adopting is both an emotional and at times, stressful process to Adopt A Child. As birthparents, we understand that making the decision to place your baby for adoption is not easy, and is the most selfless act of love a new mother can give. A number of challenges will present themselves along the way, some expected, some that you may not be prepared for. Child Adoptions wants to help you through any and all obstacles, as well as share your joy through a successful adoption.

Child Adoptions has helped connect a number of birthparents with loving, adoptive parents, and has had the wonderful opportunity of watching miracles happen. Many of us at Child Adoptions are adoptive parents ourselves, and know first hand the sensitivity and ultimate joy of the adoption experience.

Thank you for considering Child Adoptions, we look forward to making your dream of adoption a reality.


Adopt A Child
Adopt A Child
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